Libby's Latest Best Selling Book!

Landlord Secrets:  Immediately Increase ROI and Become a More Effective Landlord

In My Landlord Helper: The Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving Explosive Growth, you'll quickly learn how to:

- Grow your portfolio 4x in less than three years
- Implement successful strategies for managing your real estate investments
- Increase your quality of life by streamlining processes that free up time
- Overcome hurdles that hinder growth

Through effective technology, smarter staffing, managed communication, and continued learning, all of this is possible. Its time to finally make your dreams come true and turn your rentals into profit!

Linda Does it Again!

Linda has done it again!  My Landlord Helper: The Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving and Saving Money.

She has written a book that will inspire, teach and really help landlords.  In her usual practical and witty style Linda hits all of the important parts of doing things that landlords need to do to be successful.  Check it out!

"What a timely read! It has been one of my plans to engage in real estate investment in the coming years.This book gives me a deeper understanding on the essential things I need to know and do. The later part of the book is evaluative and prepares you ahead as you engage in the real world of real estate investment." - Josh

Linda's Best Selling Book

Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals:  Begin Each Morning Focused on Your Real Estate Investment and Management Goals

This is a great book and one that you will definitely want to read.  It will teach you about the most important things about Landlording.  It is is must have book in your library.

"I love this book! You can learn something new each day without being overwhelmed by all the information that is given. Linda Liberatore's book is an uplifting daily does of inspiration, experience, and wisdom. This is a perfect gift for anyone who has an interest in Real Estate."  -Antonette

My Landlord Helper

I help busy real estate and property investors with a strong desire to grow their portfolio and take the next steps. We can relieve you of the stresses associated with your properties and provide you with the time needed to reach your investment goals.

I am the founder and president of My Landlord Helper, a unique virtual assistant solution for DIY real estate investors. I've spent over 20 years evaluating process to reducing expenses for business and property investors spanning six housing agencies in Illinois as well as nationwide.

Through My Landlord Helper, I have assisted over 100 real estate asset portfolios implement enhanced property management, technology, project management and account management procedures. My strengths in technology and software development have led me to conduct over 1,000 workshops on property management, software applications, and desktop productivity.

My ability to transform a property suffering from reduced collections into a flourishing one is displayed by a 98% client retention rate for My Landlord Helper.


8K Prop BB
8 Mil BB
80K Trans BB